The Ultimate Guide to the Road to Hana | Maui best Travel Guide

The Ultimate Guide to the Road to Hana | Maui Travel Guide


Historicana highway 

is hokkeeper Beach Park nestled between the towns of Paya and haiku as you drive past the legendary Mama's Fish House restaurant and through the kuow neighborhood hoquippa Beach Park will reveal itself the name hokkeeper translates to hospitality in the Hawaiian language and you'll understand why as soon as you arrive this beach park is known for its world-class windsurfing and surfing and it's a great place to relax and take in the beautiful scenery 

Twin Falls Twin Falls 

is the perfect stop to experience Maui's Natural Beauty on the road to Hana as the first accessible waterfalls it's a must visit this family owns and operated biodiverse Farm has welcomed visitors since 1997. before you begin your adventure grab some refreshments like fresh sugar cane shoes or locally grown fruit at the Twin Falls Farm Stand choose between a short walk to the lower Falls or a slippery but beautiful one mile hike to the Upper Falls regardless of which waterfall you visit be sure to take a refreshing tip and Savor the breathtaking views 

 huilo Lookout 

as we continue our journey on the road to Hana our next stop is the hoilo lookout situated between mile markers 4 and 5 this rest stop provides Scenic views of East Maui Island locating the hoilo lookout is a breeze just keep an eye out for the Farm Stand that serves as a marker for this charming rest stop a short walk up the steps from the Farm Stand will take you to the viewing point you won't want to miss the Hui Lulu look at Fruit Stand which is as Charming as it is delicious 

kamui Rich Trail 

about a half mile past mile marker 9 be on the lookout for the parking lot to the waikamui rich Forest Trail and Overlook it's easy to overlook because it's around the bend in the road this charming short hike through trees Ferns and bamboo has panoramic overlooks at several locations throughout the trail the trail consists of two parts a half hour short Loop that answer it begins and a one-way extension from the loop trail the picnic shelter located near the parking area serves as the starting point for both sections of the trail 

Maui Garden of Eden heads 

to mile marker 10 for the Maui Garden of Eden a beautiful Arboretum created by Alan Bradbury the first Isa certified Arborist in Maui visitors can stroll through the beautifully manicured Gardens and Marvel at the wide variety of plant species on this plane the garden is also home to several waterfalls and stunning local points providing visitors with breathtaking views of the Maui landscape 

kianai Peninsula 

next up on a road to Hana Adventure is the Kiana Peninsula located just past the Kiani Arboretum around mile marker 16. this era is steeped in history and offers stunning views of the coastline a visit to the kni Arboretum before heading to the peninsula is highly recommended this beautiful Arboretum is an ideal spot to take a break stretch your legs and explore the botanical gardens before continuing your journey 

 wailua Valley State Wayside 

our next stop is the wailua Valley State Wayside which is often overlooked by visitors however this stop offers some of the most stunning views of the mountains and ocean along the way including breathtaking sights of Kiana Valley the West tarot fields of waialua village and nearby waterfalls on clear days to capture an unforgettable photo opportunity climb up the stairs located on the right side of the Wayside 

 puaka Falls 

another must see stop on the road to Hana is puaka Falls and state park located at mile marker 22. this rest stop is an excellent addition to Euro to Hana itinerary as it provides a peaceful area to unwind public restrooms and a

trail leading to a waterfall and freshwater pool to access the waterfall and swimming hole simply cross the streets from the public restrooms and follow the trail 

hanawi Falls 

continuing on a road to Hana tourney we come across hanawi Falls just past mile marker 24. this breathtaking waterfall is fed by The hanawi's Dream and has a lower Cascade that drops 200 feet into a refreshing freshwater pool for an incredible view of the falls head to the hanawi Falls bridge which was built in 1926 and is one of the many iconic bridges that line the Hana Highway 

Hana Farms

 roadside stands at mile marker 31 you'll find the entrance to Hana Farms roadside stand this bustling Marketplace is a local favorite and is not to be missed here you can indulge in exotic and locally made products from mouth-wa